3 Most Common Pests You Need to Watch for in Gilbert, Arizona

If you have lived in Arizona for very long, you may have realized by now that it is extremely friendly to some not-so-friendly common pests here in Gilbert.

Arizona’s dry and warm climate makes it a haven for some of the country’s and world’s most dangerous creepy crawlers, making quality pest control in Gilbert and surrounding areas a serious need.

Following are Arizona’s three most common pests that you need to be on your guard for:


scorpions Arizona

That’s right – scorpions. Welcome to Arizona, the land where some of the most horrifying movie scenes come to life in your own backyard.

Arizona is home to numerous types of scorpions, with Bark and Striped Tail Scorpions being especially common in Phoenix, and surrounding Gilbert and Mesa. These guys are very active during the summers, though they come out and hunt at night time.  

While Bark Scorpions are smaller, with a distinct, long and narrow body, their venom is extremely dangerous. At best, it will result in extreme pain, but it can be fatal, especially to children and the elderly.

These guys tend to stay hidden in crevices and rocks, so when you are out in your yard or hiking, keep an eye out and don’t underestimate their size.

The Striped Tail Scorpions are ground dwellers, but unfortunately, this means they also love to burrow in anything they can find, including items in your garage such as any clothes, boxes, and shoes you might have lying around. This means you are more likely to encounter them. Fortunately, while their sting will still hurt, it is not deadly to people and is more like being stung by a bee (still not pleasant).


Perhaps less terrifying than scorpions, but creepier and more prone to making your skin crawl, are roaches.

Roaches LOVE the Arizona climate AND they also attract pests like scorpions, their natural predator. These guys reproduce and become an infestation overnight if not taken care of quickly.

While they are not seemingly as scary as scorpions, they still pose enormous health hazards, being responsible for transmitting diseases that cause food poisoning, tuberculosis, dysentery, and over forty bacteria and viruses. They are also one of the biggest causes of allergies and asthma. When you add the fact that their presence will also attract scorpions and mean a double-whammy of pests, these jokers are no joke.


spiders Arizona

Arizona is home to some of the world’s deadliest spiders. Black widows and the brown recluses both thrive in the warm, dry climate.

Black widows are of course famous for the red hourglass shape on their bodies. Their bite is often, but not always, felt and is pretty painful. But this initial pain is not the problem. The venom can ultimately be fatal.

A black widow bite typically causes local swelling, and you will be able to see two tiny red dots where the fangs pierced your skin. The pain will intensify and reach its height about three hours after you have been bitten and can last 12-48 hours. If you are bitten and begin experiencing pain beyond just the area of the bite itself, you need to seek medical attention immediately. If a child was bitten, do NOT wait to see what symptoms develop.

Brown recluses are smaller and often mistaken for common house spiders, which is a bit dangerous. They are (as their name indicates) brown, with a darker brown marking on their head, and they are extremely dangerous to humans.

When bitten, the venom will eat away at the skin tissue, leaving it prone to infection. But the venom can also spread rather quickly and get to the heart and be fatal. You should see your doctor if you believe you have been bitten, or seek immediate emergency care if symptoms seem to be progressing quickly. If a child has been bitten, get immediate medical attention.

Call in the Experts

When you see one pest, remember that most likely, there are probably many more of their buddies around that you just haven’t seen yet.

Some pests, like roaches, can get out of hand overnight, while others, like scorpions and spiders, pose an immediate and serious threat, and can still become infestations. Don’t wait and don’t risk handling the situation yourself – call in the experts at Arizona Pest Solutions.

We provide commercial pest control, residential pest control and property management pest control services and use safe methods that are pet friendly. Whether you need pest control in Gilbert or pest control in Mesa and surrounding areas, we are happy to serve you.

We can help both with treating current pest problems and preventive treatment so that your pest friends won’t be coming back any time soon.

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