4 Tips On Dealing With Roof Rats in Gilbert Arizona

Are there rats in Arizona? Roof rats can be a real problem in Gilbert, Arizona. Roof rat infestation can get into your house and wreck a lot of havoc before you even know about them. Even though they are not dangerous, they can spread disease through roof rat droppings, for instance, and cause a lot of damage to your property.

Best Ways to Get Rid of Roof Rats in Gilbert, AZ

Rats are a problem, so are termites and bedbugs. So, if you want to know how to prevent termites, bed bug bites, scorpion problems, we have helpful articles written about those topics on this site. You can always rely on our pest control Phoenix services to get rid of any pests for your home or your business.

Best Ways to Get Rid of Roof Rats in Gilbert, AZ

Roof rats can climb down from a tree onto your chimney and enter your house through your fireplace. If you have a lot of trees near your home in the city of Gilbert, it’s likely you may have already had an issue with roof rats. Here is a list of tips on how to deal with these pests.

Seal All Your Trash Cans

If you are having a roof rat problem, then you have to take action immediately. Making sure your garbage containers tightly covered is one of the most important actions to take to keep roof rats out. Rat proof containers can be helpful. Your trash is one of their food sources. You have to seal any points of entry they could possibly use to get inside your home. If you have any broken windows, check to see if there are any holes around these windows. Check all of your trash cans and make sure they are sealed well to ensure roof rats, black rat, pack rats, or any other rodent species won’t be able to get inside them. Aside from trash can, don’t overlook keeping your storage boxes securely closed.

Clean Your Outside

Garbage tends to attract rats into homes or property. The main reason is due to people who like to dump their garbage and not take care of their property. This is the main reason why rats and other pests move into the areas. For this reason, you can keep the pests at bay by cleaning the outside regularly to make it appealing and clean to keep pests away. Don’t leave pet food, brush piles, and fallen fruit around your property either.

Seal Openings In Your Home

One thing to do is seal holes and other openings in your home used by the rats as entry points. The technique ensures the rats will never get inside, and they’ll need to find another place to live. If you live in Gilbert, Arizona, you might want to put some effort into sealing openings. Check your exterior walls thoroughly for holes. One way to ensure that you properly seal all entry points is to call a pest control professional. Here at Arizona Termite and Pest Solutions we properly go around and seal all entry points that roof rats, pack rat, black rats, and other pests may use as a way to enter your home causing damage.

Seek Professional Services

It is no surprise to learn that roof rats can be a problem in Gilbert, AZ. Another way they like to make their way into your home is to climb into the trees and hop on to your roof from a branch. It is important to always trim your trees and the dense vegetation around your home as roof rats love climbing fruit trees, citrus trees, and palm trees. Roof rats, which are roof-dwelling rodents often present in Gilbert apartments, homes, and other buildings in Arizona can and will do lots of damage given the chance. You can’t wait for the situation to become worse and be prone to rat bite fever.

As a homeowner, you should know what to do in case rodents invade your home. You can and should consider calling professionals to come to your aid. They will assess the problem and have an effective remedy for the problem. Hiring a reliable pest control company will increase your chances of getting the rats out of our property and many times can take awhile to properly locate how and where the rodent infestation are once they are inside your home. Professionals can also prevent affecting non-target animals like cats. Taking these tips into practice, seeking professional services from us here at Arizona Termite and Pest Solutions, and keeping garbage away will keep roof rats at bay.


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