4 Ways to Keep Roof Rats out of Your Pool in Chandler, AZ

For the residents of Chandler, AZ, roof rats have always been an issue. Especially for those homeowners who own a pool. If you are a homeowner in Chandler, AZ, finding rodents at the bottom of your pool is a common issue to deal with.

So you must eliminate rodent infestation before summer approaches. Because the last thing you want in your summer breaks is that you are swimming in the same pool that has been infected by the rats.

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Why It’s A Bad Thing That Rats’ Drinking Your Pool Water?

E.coli, salmonella, and other pathogens can live in your pool. And as your roof rats drink your pool water, they can transmit the disease. They can also fall into the pool and eventually die in the pool. Moreover, they may leave roof rat droppings in the surrounding areas. This way they release more parasites into your water. And sometimes these types of parasites can survive chlorination. That’s why you need to stop roof rats drinking your pool water.

Let’s take a look at how you keep your roof rats from drinking your pool water for good.

Keep Your Chandler House’s Surroundings Clean

Before keeping your roof rats away from your pool, you must control the roof rat infestation first. You need to destroy the rodents’ nest including the piles of wood and palm trees. Make sure to clean up the fallen fruit, pet food, vegetables, and nuts from the ground and around your house. Don’t leave pet food, and pet water dishes, near your pool. This helps to prevent rat infestation.

Sometimes roof rats also live off the bird feeders and trash cans. So remove your bird feeders from your house and make sure you leave the garbage containers tightly covered. Having your trash inside rat-proof containers can be helpful.

Don’t overlook fruit trees, especially queen palm tree fruits. Roof rats love to eat citrus fruit and keeping these trees trimmed and the fruits removed can help rid of roof rats.

Repair And Seal Open Areas

To prevent roof rats from getting into your Chandler house from outside. Repair cracks and seal air vents so they can’t hide in these places. Especially the trailers, firewood piles, and trash bins harbor roof rats. Also, check your basement and attic and repair all the holes that roof rats can enter through. Failure to seal your walls can provide roof rats nest areas. A stucco diamond mesh is one way to seal your exterior walls if you can’t repair them immediately.

Cover Your Pool

Make sure to cover your pool when you are not using it. Don’t let them have easy access to your pool. Rather than using poisonous baits, use traps. Poisonous baits make them dehydrated so they look for water. So they will find the way to your pool and will die in your pool eventually. This way rats will transmit more parasites in your pool.

Get Professional Help In Chandler, AZ

Sometimes even with precautions and pool fences, roof rats can still get into your pool. That’s why you need to get professional help to deal with these rodents. At Arizona Termite and Pest Solutions, we know how stressful it can get to deal with these. We provide customized plans to control rodent infestation and prevent them from coming back.

Bottom Line

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