7 Signs You May Have Termites

Termites live in dry wood like in foundations, such as windows or door frames in your house without being noticed for ages. From furniture to skirting boards, they feed on every piece of wooden structures in and around your house. Termites cost Americans dearly each year. So it’s of utmost importance to look out for termites sign or presence in your house. And if your neighbourhood had shown signs of termites’ infestation and termite damage in the past, chances are they will come back again.

So make regular checks around your house or apartment to catch them as early as possible to prevent these destructive insects from destroying your house.

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Take a look at these major 7 termite signs that prove that you have unwanted guests living in your house or apartment. And if you need professional pest control help getting rid of termites’ infestation, contact us now!

Head Banging: A Major Sign Of Having Termites

You may be wondering what termites sound like? Soldier termites bang their head against the wall or wood or shake their bodies to signal other termites that they are in danger. Another sign of termite activity could be quite clicking sounds coming from the walls. The worker termites are noisy eaters. If you put your ear close to any woodwork infested by termites, you can hear the termites munching away your woodwork.

A fun fact about termites is that they love rock music! A recent study showed that when termites were subjected to a rock track, they ate away wood two times faster! But this new information might only cause you more stress. It’s not easy to just stop listening to rock music because you don’t want the termites to eat away your wood quickly!

So if you can hear soldier termites bang their heads or quiet clicking noise against your walls or woodwork, definitely seek professional help from termite control service providers near you to address these obvious signs of active termite infestation.

Flying Termites: Another Major Sign Of Having Termites

Another major sign of a termite problem is the presence of flying termites. These are called termite swarmers or alates. These flying termites are the male or the female termites that left their previous nest to find a mate to establish a new termite colony. The location could be either near your home or even in your house.

Most of these species swarm at night and are attracted to lights but others swarm in the daytime. But most of the time dry wood termites swarm after rain during certain times of the year.

Discarded wings are also another sign of the presence of termites. Flying termites lose their wings after finding their mates. As soon as they find their mate, the pair crawl to a suitable nesting site to seal themselves in and start a new colony. The king and queen termites care for their young offspring until they are ready to take over. Together with their worker termites, the king cares for the queen and can live up to 10 years together.

So basically, if your house becomes their nesting site, you will probably have to tolerate them for another 10 years until you get rid of the whole colony.

White Ants Are Another Sign Of Having Termites

This is a widely common mistake that most people make. They confuse ants with termites. Although termites and ants almost look similar in appearance, shape, size, and sometimes their behavior also matches, they still have dissimilarity in other aspects. They are:

  • They differ in color. Although they both are light in color, sometimes termites look quite translucent.
  • The antennae of termites are different from ants. Their antennae are straight unlike ants whose antennae are rather bent.
  • Unlike ants, the waist of termites is thicker than ants and the joining of the thorax and abdomen is narrower than any ants.
  • Although both white ants and termites have two sets of wings, the size of both sets of wings is the same in termites but they differ in white ants.
  • And most importantly, if you see white ants in and around your house, the chances of having your house infested by termites are more than your house being infested by white ants.

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Papery Or Hollow Sounding Timber: A Major Sign Of Having Termites

Woodwork is a favorite food for dry wood termites. They usually consume the wood inside out while leaving a thin veneer of timber of just the house paint. That’s why when you knock or tap on the damaged wood, it sounds hollow or papery. This happens as the timber is eaten away inside, so it gives such a hollow sound.

So if you hear such sound while tapping on your timber, it means your house has already been infested with termites. One of the most common stories you will hear about termites is that you will only find problems with your house when the vacuum cleaner accidentally goes through a skirting board or when you press your finger against your door and it goes through your door frame.

Sign Of Termites: Tight Fitting Doors And Hard-To-Open Windows

When termites eat away the door frames or tunnel through the window frames, it causes the wood to warp. This incident makes it tough to open doors and windows. So it’s not always damp and hot weather that’s causing the stiffness of the window or wrapping of the door. This can also be the sign of the presence of termites.

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Another Sign Of Termites Infestation Is Termite Droppings

A key sign of termite infestation is frass – termite dropping. During a termite inspection, this is an indicator that suggests the presence of termites, especially in the case of dry wood termites. Drywood termites don’t use their feces to build their tunnels like subterranean termites. They usually push out the feces out of small holes near entrances to their nest. This causes small black marks and dark powdery substance around the area they are infesting. So if you look for this sign, you can easily locate their nest in your house.

Sign Of Termites: Tunnels In Wood

Tunnels or galleries are a sure sign of having termites in your house. The tunnels or galleries in the wood are difficult to see from outside. You can only see them in a piece of broken timber. So keep a lookout for this sign. Unlike subterranean termites who may leave mud tubes, these are drywood termites attacking your home.

To detect the tunnels or the activity of termites without any visible signs, different types of technologies have been invented. They are electronic odor detectors, sound detectors, borescopes, microwaves, X-rays, infrared detectors, and even dogs. But not all of them are in use as not all of them have been tested in the laboratory.

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Final Thought

Need help to get rid of termites completely? Call us at 480.845.0608 or mail us at jon@arizonapestsolutions.com. Our technicians are experts in looking for signs of termites when there are no visible signs and can recommend any suitable treatments available for your property. For more inquiries visit Arizona Pests Solutions and immediately schedule a termite inspection.


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