Whenever you think about getting rid of all the threats to your business, what comes to your mind first? Increasing tax? Competition? Changes in the market? The list may be quite long. But have you ever thought that there might be other physical threats to your business that hasn’t come to your mind yet?

One such major physical threat is termite infestation. Those business owners who never suffered this issue may not take this seriously but those who did know that this is a serious threat and will take every precaution for termite prevention. Termites not only just eat away the wooden structures of your store or office building and damage your business property but also cost you a lot of money. So if you don’t want to end up spending a lot of money repairing these damages then take the steps mentioned below to protect your business property from the threat of termites such as to prevent subterranean termite infestations and preventative termite treatments. Can these actions address if are there rats in Arizona or how to prevent bed bug bites? With the right pest control phoenix professional, and this helpful advice, yes you can.

To Prevent Termites Attack, Keep Your Business Surrounding Clean

Keeping your business premises clean and tidy is the first rule of preventing your business from any termite attack and termite damage. A dense growth of shrubs, plants, or vegetation is a magnet for termite attack, especially if your business has a garden. The garden is like the perfect jungle for termites. To keep your business termite-free, make sure your business premises are clean, dry, and have proper air circulation. Worse is having infested wood near your property. Drywood termites love brambles, wood mulch, and vegetation, to prevent drywood termite infestations, as well as other species of termites, please read the following tips.

Prevent Termites’ Attack By Restricting Entry

Termites gain access to your business through the wood-to-wood or wood-to-ground contact. So make sure the trellis is not against any exterior walls of your business structure.

Fencing, timber, firewood, wood debris, dead trees, or any kind of wooden materials next to your business premises helps termites getting inside your building. So do not keep them around your house or business property. Also, make sure to seal off all cracks and holes in walls or foundations of your business property so that no foundation termites, or any termite, can find any convenient entryway and crawl spaces to your house or business construction.

Control Termite Breeding To Prevent Termite Attack

As termites cannot live in dry temperature, make sure the air conditions inside your business construction is dry and air can pass through smoothly. This will not only help to prevent termites’ activity in your business building but will also make them look for other places to establish their camp as they need moist areas for breeding. As moisture is the key element for most insects or bacteria to survive, keeping your business premises dry is the best method for eliminating the presence of termites or bacteria on your property.

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Install Termite-proof Wood To Prevent Termites’ Infestation

Installing termite-proof wood during the construction and renovation of your house is another way to prevent termite infestation. Nowadays, using chemically treated or pressure treated wood for the wooden structure, such as for wooden siding, of any house or any business property is quite popular.

You may use termite-resistant materials to add extra protection against termites but you must keep in mind that chemically treated wood is not totally 100 percent termite-proof. That’s why even when you add termite-resistant materials during the construction or renovation of your business, you will still have to take additional preventive methods.

To Prevent Termite Infestation, Get A Professional Termite Inspection

To provide termite protection for your business, getting a professional termite inspection is essential. The experts can easily spot the signs of termites’ presence before the issue gets out of control. The inspector can also help you take quick measures to eradicate termites’ camping from your business premises in case you already have an active infestation and minimize the damage.

And to avoid any threat of termites for the next several months, a professional termite inspector will give you proper guidelines to prevent and control termites activity in and around your house or business property. That’s why to keep your business running, it’s of utmost importance to get a professional termite inspection if you suspect their presence in your business premises.

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Keeping Up With Building Maintenance Can Help You Prevent Termite Infestation

Keep up with the building maintenance to protect your business from the threat of termites. Structures that provide moisture-rich soil attract subterranean termites. If your business property has water drainage issues or leakage around the building, then moisture can easily build up and can create the perfect environment for termites. To make sure you do not unintentionally invite termites in and around your house, always be vigilant in keeping up with your building maintenance.

Get Regular Termite Treatment To Eliminate Termite Infestation

To completely eliminate the threat of termites, it’s best to schedule regular termite treatments to protect your business. Professional termite inspectors always have a number of options available for their customers for effective termite control to prevent termite infestation at their business location. With their help, you can always choose the option that’s most suitable for your business at the price you can afford.

To choose the right option for your business, make sure your choice depends on the current and the past infestation status and also the risk factors that your building has for developing an infestation in the future.

To Prevent Termite Infestation, Declutter Your House

Before you hire professionals for getting rid of termites or any other pests like bed bugs, make sure you carry out a decluttering drive in your house. Otherwise, they will eventually come back again. So before applying termite-repellent treatment, pay special attention to useless papers, newspapers, cardboards, and old magazines since they play a role in creating a great environment for termites to thrive.

Another important thing to note is that if termites have attacked any wooden furniture or materials of your house, then make sure you don’t take out that furniture to other parts of your home that were not affected by the termites.

Make sure that your business or house don’t have areas that keep excess moisture especially if it is around any wood furniture or structural parts. Termites in your home or your business thrives on excess moisture. To reduce moisture, please check and fix your leaky plumbing, leaking faucets, and faulty gutters which will help keep your wood siding safe from being constantly drenched.

Final Thought

No prudent business owner ever wants to think about the possibility of termite activity and infestation destroying his business. That’s why to make sure your business doesn’t get destroyed by some common but dangerous pests, take the precautions mentioned above and protect your business from the threat of termites at all costs.

Ignoring the signs of the presence of termites can lead your business to serious damage and expensive consequences down the line. So if you need a qualified pest control professional to help you get rid of termites’ threats, as well as for other pests such as rats completely, contact us today at Arizona Pests Solutions and schedule a termite inspection immediately! Or call us at 480.845.0608 or mail us at jon@arizonapestsolutions.com.


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