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It’s Almost Fall and That Means It’s Leaf Skeletonizer Time for Those Living in Arizona (Is Your House Ready for Fall Pests?

leaf skeletonizer control Arizona


If you live in the Southwestern United States, this isn’t news to you: it’s leaf skeletonizer time in Arizona. These creatures are slated to make their re-entry into the season, and possibly into your home. Are you ready to counterattack?

It may sound extreme, but if allowed, these creatures will make themselves right at home in your backyard. Since it’s almost that time of year again, it’s time for homeowners to look into leaf skeletonizer control in Arizona.

What Exactly Are They?

leaf skeletonizer treatment Arizona

A skeletonizer is a generally a worm, bug, or moth that feasts on the green and leafy part of a plant. If you have a healthy backyard and these pests come in, they’ll destroy it. Quite literally, they’ll leave your leafy greens or plants looking like skeletons.

We understand the hard work that goes into keeping your yard the way you want it to, especially living in Arizona. Our weather can make it tough to keep our plants green so when we do, we’re proud. That’s why we want you to nip the skeletonizer problem in the rear as soon as possible.

Can a Skeletonizer Infestation Be Prevented?

Absolutely. We always recommend preventative leaf skeletonizer treatment in Arizona. Whether it’s commercial or residential leaf skeletonizer control, it’s important to get ahead of these bugs. If your plants go untreated, you’ll risk these hungry bugs feasting on your greens.

How Can I Tell If I Have Them?

You can usually tell if your leaves begin to get sizable holes in them. This means that something is eating them at a more rapid pace than a usual summer bug.

If you’re already getting skeletonizers, you still have a chance to get rid of them before your plants are consumed. Even if you have an infestation, treatment will considerably diminish the problem, if not eliminate their presence entirely.

Will My Pets Be Affected by the Treatment?

Our team of professionals has your pets’ best interest in mind. We understand that pets are part of the family, which is why our trained technicians always apply treatment in a way that never affects pets.

Our goal is the safe application of treatment so that both animals and humans feel safe. As an additional safeguard, we communicate closely with you throughout the treatment process to ensure that your pets don’t come in contact with the treated area until it’s fully dry.

Who Are We?

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We are Arizona Pest Solutions, your Arizona pest specialists. Because we’re local, we know our bugs. We know when they come, what they look like, what they like to eat, where they hide and most importantly, how to get rid of them. When leaf skeletonizer time in Arizona rolls around, prepare your home for these fall pests with our specialized services.

If you need leaf skeletonizer control in Arizona or need help dealing with other pests, contact us to request a free estimate. With our 24-hour response time and first-in-class customer service, we’ll have your pest issue resolved in no time. Give us a call today!


Dangers of rodents and why we they should be excluded from your home

rodents gilbert

Houses can seem like a safe haven for many passing insects and animals, especially in the summertime. The lack of predators as well as plenty of nooks and crannies to hide in the appeal to a wide range of creatures, which is why it is important that you protect yourself against them.

It is also important to mention that if rodents can find a way to get comfortable in any environment, they are primed to repopulate. Not dealing with your rodent problem the moment you know it is happening could escalate to housing an entirely new family in your house.

Rodents specifically can pose a big threat to your safety and health, as they are large enough to damage furniture, go through your food, and even carry very dangerous diseases.

Damaging Your Furniture

Rodents are known for biting, scratching, and making nests in hard-to-reach places. They will ruin your hardwood floors, the legs of all of your tables and chairs, and can get up in the corner of your box spring to sleep in if you are not careful. Because rodents are so apt to find hiding spaces, it is very possible that you will not even know that they are there until they make a noise or leave proof – like gnaw marks or droppings.

rodents mesa

If you are worried about the condition of your furniture because of rodents in Gilbert, Arizona, contact us for further information so we can alleviate your problem for you.

Contaminating and Eating Your Food

You and I may not be able to smell raw food stored in your cupboards, but rodents can. Just like a piece of cheese at the end of a maze, rats or mice or other unwanted visitors have no trouble finding Point B from Point A with their acute sense of smell.

rodents tempe

We have every resource and willingness to eradicate your home of rodents in Mesa, Arizona, so feel free to reach out to us if you live in that area. Smart cat lovers can have an easier way on how to eliminate rodents. 

Carrying Lethal Diseases

Rats were the crux of the spread of Bubonic plague. That was not the first time that they spread toxic, horrible diseases, nor will it be the last. Rodents living in your house is not just a sanitary concern, it is a genuine health concern. In fact, the Center for Disease Control has an entire page on their website dedicated to the diseases transmitted by rodents, whether directly or indirectly.

Do not allow your family to be at risk of any major health concerns because you did not know who to contact about rodents in Tempe, Arizona. Make sure that you are alert and aware of what is going on in your house so as to not put loved ones at risk.

No one should have to undergo the stress of living with rodents and the harm that they can cause. If you too are experiencing rodent problems, contact us, Arizona Pest Solutions, for a free estimate today. We are located in central Arizona and do our best to ensure the end of your rodent infestation.

How to Keep Pests Out of Your Gilbert, Arizona House?

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No one likes to see pests invading their home, but these unwelcome guests often find a way to make themselves comfortable in our dwellings despite our efforts to keep them at bay. Fortunately, if you know what you’re doing, pest control in Gilbert, Arizona can be easy and simple!

Here are some of our top tips to help you keep your home in Gilbert, Arizona pest-free:

Know Your Enemy

The first step to keeping these unwelcome guests out of your home is to know what you are up against. While there are some incredible perks to living in Arizona – the stunning sunsets, mild winters, picturesque hiking locations – there is also the downside of the wide variety of pests you need to contend with. We are talking, of course, about the Arizona-based insects, snakes, and scorpions – oh my!

Between the 14 different biomes that Arizona hosts, there is a wide range of pests that call Arizona home – and your goal is to keep these creepy crawlers outside and not under your roof. You will probably, at some point during your time living in Arizona, encounter ants, cockroaches, earwigs, beetles, butterflies, various types of spiders, and possibly scorpions.

critters arizona

One of the most common critters you’ll see is the cricket. While these aren’t dangerous, they can be quite annoying with their relentless chirping at extremely inconvenient hours. Not only that, but they’re a major food source for scorpions – so keeping them out of your home may help keep the scorpions at bay, too.

Fortunately, there are many tactics to keep all of these creepy crawlers out of your home. They are as follows:

Seal Your Home

Sealing your house can help keep its inhabitants safe from scorpions. Professional scorpion sealing companies are all around the valley, and you can also purchase and install sealing products yourself. While neither option gives you a 100% guarantee of not encountering scorpions, this is a popular measure many Arizona residents take and significantly cuts down on your chances of encountering one.

Keep Your Home Clean

cleaning home

By keeping your home clean, inside and out, you will be encouraging these pests to stay away. This includes keeping the yard well-trimmed and groomed so it doesn’t make for a good habitat for these creatures, and taking out your trash regularly so you aren’t offering them any tempting free food. In short, you want to make your home as unappealing to these critters as possible. Fortunately, these measures will also make your home look good inside and out – helping to increase your home’s curb appeal and impress your guests.

Pest Control

Pest control in Arizona specialists are experienced and knowledgeable in the different types of critters roaming around the area – more importantly, they know how to keep them at bay. With professional-grade tools and products, they can do a lot more damage to these pests than you can do on your own, so if you’ve tried the above methods and are still experiencing issues, then you might want to call on the experts for pest control in AZ!

If you’re experiencing issues with pests in your Gilbert, Arizona home, then get in touch with us at Arizona Pest Solutions to request your free estimate today!                                                 


3 Most Common Pests You Need to Watch for in Gilbert, Arizona

roaches Arizona


If you have lived in Arizona for very long, you may have realized by now that it is extremely friendly to some not-so-friendly pests.

Arizona’s dry and warm climate makes it a haven for some of the country’s and world’s most dangerous creepy crawlers, making quality pest control in Phoenix and surrounding areas a serious need.

Following are Arizona’s three most common pests that you need to be on your guard for:


scorpions Arizona

That’s right – scorpions. Welcome to Arizona, the land where some of the most horrifying movie scenes come to life in your own backyard.

Arizona is home to numerous types of scorpions, with Bark and Striped Tail Scorpions being especially common in Phoenix, and surrounding Gilbert and Mesa. These guys are very active during the summers, though they come out and hunt at night time.  

While Bark Scorpions are smaller, with a distinct, long and narrow body, their venom is extremely dangerous. At best, it will result in extreme pain, but it can be fatal, especially to children and the elderly.

These guys tend to stay hidden in crevices and rocks, so when you are out in your yard or hiking, keep an eye out and don’t underestimate their size.

The Striped Tail Scorpions are ground dwellers, but unfortunately, this means they also love to burrow in anything they can find, including items in your garage such as any clothes, boxes, and shoes you might have lying around. This means you are more likely to encounter them. Fortunately, while their sting will still hurt, it is not deadly to people and is more like being stung by a bee (still not pleasant).


Perhaps less terrifying than scorpions, but creepier and more prone to making your skin crawl, are roaches.

Roaches LOVE the Arizona climate AND they also attract pests like scorpions, their natural predator. These guys reproduce and become an infestation overnight if not taken care of quickly.

While they are not seemingly as scary as scorpions, they still pose enormous health hazards, being responsible for transmitting diseases that cause food poisoning, tuberculosis, dysentery, and over forty bacteria and viruses. They are also one of the biggest causes of allergies and asthma. When you add the fact that their presence will also attract scorpions and mean a double-whammy of pests, these jokers are no joke.


spiders Arizona

Arizona is home to some of the world’s deadliest spiders. Black widows and the brown recluses both thrive in the warm, dry climate.

Black widows are of course famous for the red hourglass shape on their bodies. Their bite is often, but not always, felt and is pretty painful. But this initial pain is not the problem. The venom can ultimately be fatal.

A black widow bite typically causes local swelling, and you will be able to see two tiny red dots where the fangs pierced your skin. The pain will intensify and reach its height about three hours after you have been bitten and can last 12-48 hours. If you are bitten and begin experiencing pain beyond just the area of the bite itself, you need to seek medical attention immediately. If a child was bitten, do NOT wait to see what symptoms develop.

Brown recluses are smaller and often mistaken for common house spiders, which is a bit dangerous. They are (as their name indicates) brown, with a darker brown marking on their head, and they are extremely dangerous to humans.

When bitten, the venom will eat away at the skin tissue, leaving it prone to infection. But the venom can also spread rather quickly and get to the heart and be fatal. You should see your doctor if you believe you have been bitten, or seek immediate emergency care if symptoms seem to be progressing quickly. If a child has been bitten, get immediate medical attention.

Call in the Experts

When you see one pest, remember that most likely, there are probably many more of their buddies around that you just haven’t seen yet.

Some pests, like roaches, can get out of hand overnight, while others, like scorpions and spiders, pose an immediate and serious threat, and can still become infestations. Don’t wait and don’t risk handling the situation yourself – call in the experts at Arizona Pest Solutions.

We provide both commercial and residential services and use safe methods that are pet friendly. Whether you need pest control in Gilbert or pest control in Mesa and surrounding areas, we are happy to serve you.

We can help both with treating current pest problems and preventive treatment so that your pest friends won’t be coming back any time soon.

Don’t wait. Call today for a free estimate!


Arizona Pest Solutions Launches New Website to Help Homeowners

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Arizona Pest Solutions

Gilbert, Arizona




Gilbert, AZ – It’s an unfortunate truth that many homes can become overwhelmed with vermin and unwelcome bugs at one point or another. It is of utmost importance to find the right professionals to restore the home to normal before further damage strikes. With Arizona Pest Solutions’ new website, it is easy for customers to find the right solution for any and all infestation problems.

With the help of the newly launched website, the company offers a free online quote or help with a quote over the phone. The company also provides same-day quotes and plans to better fit into customers’ schedules. Arizona Pest Solutions offers a 24-hour response time to ensure the customer has any bug or vermin control issue addressed as soon as possible.

For Arizona pest control, Arizona Pest Solutions provides extermination and control services for commercial and residential properties. AZ is home to a plethora of bugs and vermin with anything from scorpions and spiders to fleas, crickets, ticks, black widows, and wasps. The company also provides 100% effective termite control solutions for the home or office.

Not only does the company provide relocation or extermination, it also is committed to eco-friendly, pet-friendly, and family-friendly services. The professional technicians working for the Gilbert pest control services always ask the customers extensive questions in order to identify which type of eco-friendly approach is necessary. The newly launched website explores all of these solutions that can take care of bed bugs to mosquitoes.

The company is a locally owned company that is fully licensed and insured and serves the entire Phoenix metro area. This Gilbert pest solution company has been in operation for over a quarter century and employs some of the most experienced exterminators in the business.

The commercial services provided by the company are available to a wide array of industries. This can be anything from a commercial office or large warehouse, to property managers, realtors, home inspectors, and HOA’s. With any of these services, the company offers a 100% guarantee on all of the work provided.

Customers agree that the upfront quotes and exceptional customer service provided makes Arizona Pest Solutions one of the best exterminators in the Phoenix area. Customers are also in agreement that whether the bug problem is big or small, the work is always done correctly and professionally.

When joining with the company, clients know they will work with their unique situation to eliminate infestation issues, not just now, but also for the future. To ask any questions, fill out the contact form on the newly launched website or give Arizona Pest Solutions a call.

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