Common Pest Control Myths

A myth is a piece of widespread information that is not entirely or even partially true sometimes. Though myths draw their flavor from truths mostly are misinterpretations and amplifications of the truth. There are tons of widespread myths about pests and pest control. Some of them are even outrageous.

Regardless of the myths, people want a pest-free home. Some pests come with bizarre side-effects. Most pests work under our radar and they are hard to notice. So you need to know the truth about pest control to keep your home safe. Let’s debunk 5 of the most common pest control myths so you learn the truth to better protect your house and business from all kinds of pests.

No. 1 Myth of Pest Control: If You Can’t See Them They Aren’t There

The pests that stay hidden are the most problematic ones. They are very hard to control. For example, termites and Carpenter ants keep feasting on the inside of the walls. Bed bugs are nocturnal. They come out to feed at night when you don’t see them.

For successful pest control just “keeping an eye out” is not enough. It’s best to inspect regularly to stay ahead of pest problems. As the wise once said, “It’s better to be safe than sorry” is so much true for pest control.

Myth No. 2: If Your Space Is Clean, You’ll Never Face Pest Infestation

Lamentably, even 100% clean spaces are not totally safe from pest invasions. Pests are drawn to food, water, and shelter as opposed to filth or dirt. Dirty places may have more food for the pests but clean places also have some.

When you’re cleaning, keep in mind what the pests are looking for or what they want. Try your best to deprive the potential pests of the things they’d come for. Once you do that pests will go elsewhere to look for them.

Myth No. 3: One Treatment Is Enough

This myth is almost impossible to be true. For any pest activity to cease properly, at least two or three visits with the treatment are required. After the first treatment when the pests are completely eradicated, it is recommended to take steps to stop the pests to enter your home again.

To prevent future damages to your home, look at what attracted the pests to your home in the first place and remove them.

Myth No. 4: You Can Handle Pest Infestation on Your Own

The biggest of all myths related to pest control is that DIY pest control is enough for your home. This type of DIY pest control may work at some level for small pest-related problems. But you have no way to be sure of how serious your problem is.

Some jobs are just done better by the professionals and one of them is pest control. At Arizona Termite And Pest Solutions, our job is to ensure you are free of your pest problems and implement preventive measures so pest infestation can never be an issue for you again.

No. 5 Myth of Pest Control: Professional Pest Control Is Environmentally Unfriendly and Harmful

Many people avoid pest control professionals because they believe that pesticides are dangerous for the environment. This is not true at all. We – at Arizona Termite And Pest Solutions, take pride in our services as we use only environment-friendly pesticides. Our job is to ensure your home is pest-free and your home is not even slightly damaged by the chemicals used for pest control.

We are professionals for a reason and are experts in safety precautions and also experienced in our way of working.

The Wrap Up

At Arizona Termite And Pest Solutions, we provide fast services to any emergency pest control issues within 24 hours. So if you are a resident of Mesa, Tempe, Gilbert, Chandler, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Phoenix, Queen Creek, Queen Valley, San Tan Valley, AZ, call us for fast and effective pest control services.

For more inquiry call us at 480.845.0608 or visit our website at Arizona Termite And Pest Solutions and get a free estimate today!

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