Is Do It Yourself Pest Control Better Than Professional Pest Control?

Pests are a constant problem among Arizona residents. Many people have taken up DIY household tasks, especially during the down economy. With time on our hands and looking for opportunities to save on costs, many of us took to fixing leaking faucets or doing house painting tasks ourselves. With the average cost of pest control rising, it is not surprising that many of us are doing DIY pest control. If you spot ants or a yellow jacket wasp in your yard, doing DIY pest control is a matter of driving to your local Home Depot to purchase and apply pest control products. However, there are instances when your pest problem persists regardless of applying what you think are the best pest control products you have probably researched. You may ask yourself, “is doing your own pest control worth it?”

To help you weigh between “do it yourself pest control” or seeking help from commercial pest control services, here are the criteria you should account for before deciding which way to go to get rid of pests such as bed bugs, termites, scorpions, rodents, and other pests that seem to survive everything you throw at them:

Do It Yourself Pest Control vs. Professional Pest Control

Pest Control Cost:

  • Do It Yourself Pest Control: You only need to buy professional-grade products in a store. No need to pay someone to apply for them for you.
  • Professional Pest Control Services: The cost upfront is higher. However, the value you get from professional pest control services is higher in the long run because they can apply the right chemicals to a more significant effect for a longer time. Moreover, these licensed professionals will take precautions to protect your property from chemical damage.


  • Do It Yourself Pest Control: Professional products contain specific instructions for applying chemicals. You may also research the proper application of these products.
  • Professional Pest Control Services: Professionals have a more profound knowledge of your specific pest issue. They can assure you they won’t use the wrong products to eliminate specific pests. Moreover, they know the active ingredients of each chemical they use to ensure how effective these can be. Furthermore, they can also provide you with instructions on how to prevent pest infestation for a long time.


  • Do It Yourself Pest Control: In the case of DIY pest control, you can choose the time to drive to the store to buy the necessary chemicals.
  • Professional Pest Control Services: Like any professional, booking an appointment means agreeing on a convenient time for you and the pest control professionals.


  • Do It Yourself Pest Control: Pests can adapt to specific chemicals. Moreover, pests specific to your local area might have adapted to the chemical formula in your pest control products. For instance, in the case of cockroaches, it takes months before a population can be immune to the pesticides used previously.
  • Professional Pest Control Services: Professionals are updated with the latest in pest control chemicals and pest control methods. They can assure you that their pest control products are effective against your specific pest problems.


  • Do It Yourself Pest Control: Applying chemicals entails risks, especially to pets, members of your household, your lawn, or other plants. Following instructions on the product label is crucial, but there are ideal methods for applying chemicals to prevent collateral damage.
  • Professional Pest Control Services: By hiring professional pest control experts, you are hiring someone who accounts for the risk that comes with pest control applications. They use only ideal methods targeted to pests, weeds, or any issues you ask of without risking the safety and welfare of your pets, plants, and members of your household. For instance, when getting rid of pests, professional pest control services also take lawn care into account. However, you need to read the contract and reviews to support your professional pest control service choice.


  • Do It Yourself Pest Control: The scope of the warranty depends on the proper application of chemicals you purchase. You may consult your store about warranty policies for the pest control products you buy in case you don’t get the desired results.
  • Professional Pest Control Services: The best pest control services will ensure the quality of their work by providing warranties. If pests come back too soon, they may treat your home for no charge until the problem is gone.


Deciding between doing pest control yourself or hiring professional pest control services can be daunting. It can be challenging, at times, to assess the extent of pest infestation. If you deal with minor pest problems, such as a couple of cockroaches, or the sudden arrival of flies, especially after rains, you may take precautions yourself and buy off-the-shelf bug sprays and other chemicals. However, in the case of termites, you need to consider seeking the help of professional pest control services. If you are in Phoenix, Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, and the East Valley Area, you can rely on Arizona Termite and Pest Solutions for pest control. We provide the best value for all kinds of pests, specifically homes, and businesses in the East Valley Area. Call our help center at (480) 359-9600 for a free consultation and estimate.


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