It’s Almost Fall and That Means It’s Leaf Skeletonizer Time for Those Living in Arizona (Is Your House Ready for Fall Pests?

If you live in the Southwestern United States, this isn’t news to you: it’s leaf skeletonizer time in Arizona. These creatures are slated to make their re-entry into the season, and possibly into your home. Are you ready to counterattack?

It may sound extreme, but if allowed, these creatures will make themselves right at home in your backyard. Since it’s almost that time of year again, it’s time for homeowners to look into leaf skeletonizer control in Arizona.

What Exactly Are They?

A skeletonizer is a generally a worm, bug, or moth that feasts on the green and leafy part of a plant. If you have a healthy backyard and these pests come in, they’ll destroy it. Quite literally, they’ll leave your leafy greens or plants looking like skeletons.

We understand the hard work that goes into keeping your yard the way you want it to, especially living in Arizona. Our weather can make it tough to keep our plants green so when we do, we’re proud. That’s why we want you to nip the skeletonizer problem in the rear as soon as possible.

Can a Skeletonizer Infestation Be Prevented?

Absolutely. We always recommend preventative leaf skeletonizer treatment in Arizona. Whether it’s commercial or residential leaf skeletonizer control, it’s important to get ahead of these bugs. If your plants go untreated, you’ll risk these hungry bugs feasting on your greens.

How Can I Tell If I Have Them?

You can usually tell if your leaves begin to get sizable holes in them. This means that something is eating them at a more rapid pace than a usual summer bug.

If you’re already getting skeletonizers, you still have a chance to get rid of them before your plants are consumed. Even if you have an infestation, treatment will considerably diminish the problem, if not eliminate their presence entirely.

Will My Pets Be Affected by the Treatment?

Our team of professionals has your pets’ best interest in mind. We understand that pets are part of the family, which is why our trained technicians always apply treatment in a way that never affects pets.

Our goal is the safe application of treatment so that both animals and humans feel safe. As an additional safeguard, we communicate closely with you throughout the treatment process to ensure that your pets don’t come in contact with the treated area until it’s fully dry.

Who Are We?

We are Arizona Pest Solutions, your Arizona pest specialists. Because we’re local, we know our bugs. We know when they come, what they look like, what they like to eat, where they hide and most importantly, how to get rid of them. When leaf skeletonizer time in Arizona rolls around, prepare your home for these fall pests with our specialized services.

If you need leaf skeletonizer control in Arizona or need help dealing with other pests, contact us to request a free estimate. With our 24-hour response time and first-in-class customer service, we’ll have your pest issue resolved in no time. Give us a call today!


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