How Do Pest Control Get Rid of Mice

Mouse infestation seems to follow wherever humans live. Mouse traps may work for a few mice but won’t stop rodent infestation. Mice multiply enormously because humans provide them with what they need. Later on, you will be dealing with mouse droppings, mouse urine, and dead mice, which will spread disease if mouse infestation is left unabated. As experienced practitioners in pest control in Gilbert, we know how challenging it is for homeowners to deal with mice infestation.

A house mouse may seem like a harmless creature. However, they will cause more problems later on until such a point that you will ask can pest control get rid of fleas. At this point, then you have a considerable mouse infestation problem. To ensure that you will be free of rats, here are what professional pest control companies do to eradicate mice.

How Pest Control Companies Deal With Mice Infestation

There are several ways pest control companies deal with mice infestation. If the mice infestation is not as gross, pest control companies may lay different mouse traps around various places in the house. They may employ multiple methods such as bait stations, humane mouse traps, snap traps, glue traps, or classic wooden snap traps. However, professional pest control companies employ an effective process to eliminate at least most of the mice. Using knowledge of mouse behavior, breeding, and feeding habits, pest control professionals won’t stop at mice removal. They also ensure that the mice won’t go back. We use the same approach on how does pest control get rid of roaches among other pests.

Step 1: Inspection

A regular inspection of your home is highly recommended to eliminate rats. Mice depend on humans and will find a way to get closer to you. Pest control inspections will identify entry points mice go through, breeding areas, crawl spaces, and other areas where mice will dwell. To kill mice or to place something in your house that mice hate won’t be enough to solve your mice problem. Knowing your home well is key to preventing the mouse population from getting out of hand.

Set 2: Identifying The Pests

An essential step when dealing with pests is knowing them very well. In Arizona, we might be dealing with roof rats, so employing a different strategy than dealing with deer mice is needed. A deer mouse might be attracted to certain bait traps. Moreover, identifying these creatures is essential in understanding mouse traffic to ensure how we formulate strategies later on.

Step 3: Pest Control Treatment

Chemical baits, mechanical devices, and plastic traps will never be enough to eliminate mice. Getting rid of just one mouse at a time is not enough to stop the mouse population from overwhelming your home. We use specific methods and treatments to get rid of your mouse problem. Depending on the scale of infestation and the species of mouse we are dealing with, we will be using carefully-selected methods that will be deadly to the pests while keeping your home safe.

Step 4: Preventing Mice From Going Back

To get rid of mice entirely requires cooperation from homeowners. We provide tips and recommendations specific to your home to ensure they won’t go back. Leaving things like food crumbs, pet food, and exposed garbage will attract mice inside your home. These provide food mice love. We will also offer tips on where to position a mouse trap or to seal entry points and provide instructions on how to use countermeasures such as steel wool to plug tiny holes where they might serve as entry points.

Takeaways: Getting Rid of Mice Requires Teamwork

Arizona Pest Solutions have decades of experience dealing with mice problems. Though pest control treatment is where we shine the best, homeowners still play a substantial part in getting rid of mice. Returning to the habit of attracting mice will only cost you more in pest control treatment later. We are here for you whether you live in Phoenix, Queen Creek, Paradise Valley, Gilbert, Scottsdale, Mesa, Tempe, Queen Valley, Chandler, or San Tan Valley. Call 480.359.9600 to schedule an appointment and get a free quote or visit our website at Arizona Termite and Pest Solutions for more inquiries.


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