How Does Pest Control Get Rid of Roaches

Cockroaches are very resilient animals. Once they get into your house, it will be challenging to control cockroach infestation if you fail to take meaningful actions. As practitioners of pest control, we know how challenging it is to implement effective cockroach control actions once roach infestation gets out of hand. Getting rid of fleas, and roaches, like other pests, requires a systematic approach that should also be safe for your home’s inhabitants. Implementing home remedies may kill roaches for a time, but roaches survive because of their sheer weight of numbers and their inherent resilience. Like how do pest control get rid of mice, a pest control professional will implement effective solutions through a systematic approach combined with teamwork with homeowners.

Understanding Roaches and How They Thrive

Different roaches have varying living habits. Regardless of cockroach species, they are known to carry disease-causing germs that can result in health problems such as asthma, skin rashes, and trigger allergies. Moreover, these germs can also cause diarrhea and food poisoning. The smell of many dead roaches around your house isn’t pleasant. The three most common cockroach species in the United States are German Cockroaches, Oriental Cockroaches, and American Cockroaches. Understanding cockroach species is critical for implementing practical solutions to eliminating cockroaches.

What Attracts Cockroaches To My Home?

Even if you keep your house clean, you can never be immune to a cockroach problem. These resilient creatures have different ways of entering your home. A German cockroach, for instance, can enter your home through the items you bring into your home, such as groceries, appliances, or clothes. On the other hand, an American cockroach can enter your house because it is on its migratory path.

Once in your home, roaches can thrive in several ways. Roaches love moisture. If you have leaky taps or keep water in open buckets, you will provide them with the means to survive. Cockroaches love being with humans because we inadvertently provide them with food sources. Aside from leaving food in the open, roaches feed on cardboard, leather, wallpaper, and soap. The garbage bin is a treasure trove for roaches. They can breed here, which is a perfect place to raise baby cockroaches. Woodpiles, standing water, and compost also act as excellent harbor places for cockroaches to feed and breed.

How To Limit Cockroach Infestation

Eliminating cockroach infestation does not end with killing roaches. You can prevent a roach problem from getting out of hand by doing the following prevention tips:

  1. Remove things that attract roaches and the things roaches need to thrive:
    • Regularly take out your trash
    • Clean grease, pet food, and food debris regularly
    • Use trash liners to shut your trash bins
    • Vacuum and mop regularly
    • Clean your dirty dishes immediately
  2. Clean your toasters, ovens, steamers, and coffeemakers regularly.
  3. Deny Cockroaches their entry points by closing gaps in your windows by using window seals.
  4. Stagnant water attracts roaches. Ensure that you don’t keep standing water in and around your home.
  5. Prevent excessive clutter in your home.

What Are Ways To Kill Roaches?

Chemicals such as bug sprays, roach bombs, boric acid, and diatomaceous earth kill cockroaches effectively. However, they may not be enough to eliminate cockroach infestation, nor are they safe to use by yourself. Bug bombs or foggers can trigger breathing problems and be a fire hazard if used in high concentrations. Glue traps and bait stations can help identify areas where cockroaches hide. However effective these actions and chemicals are, only pest control professionals can use these efficiently. A pest control expert understands cockroaches’ breeding and living habits and, with a professional approach, can identify where cockroaches hide and make these chemical countermeasures count the most.

The Steps A Pest Management Professional Get Rid Of Roaches

To help get rid of roaches permanently, pest control professionals take the following steps:

  1. Pest control experts inspect your home to look for cockroach infestation and roach nests
  2. They assess the level of cockroach infestation
  3. They check the needs of your specific home. They need to consider the proper balance of chemical concentration that can both kill cockroaches while being safe to your home’s occupants.
  4. They design a cockroach control and treatment plan.
  5. Provide homeowners with meaningful advice on how to prevent future infestation.

Takeaways: For Reliable Cockroach Solutions, Leave it to the Pest Control Experts

How does pest control get rid of roaches? Like in dealing with all kinds of common pests, applying chemicals alone can’t prevent cockroaches from being a problem once more. Note that other roaches may have different habits, which means not understanding their habits properly will kill only some of these nasty critters. After the initial treatment, following the advice of a pest management professional is critical for preventing a future infestation. If you have a case of a cockroach infestation, call 480.359.9600 to schedule an appointment and get a free quote. Visit our website at Arizona Termite and Pest Solutions for more inquiries.


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