5 Important Steps to Keep Roof Rats Out of Your Home in Gilbert, AZ

Although roof rats are not native to Arizona, over the years they have been reportedly seen in the Gilbert area. As they are notorious for eating almost anything, it’s important to take considerable measures to keep them out of your Gilbert house.

Let’s take a look at some of the common methods you can follow to keep them at bay.

Eliminate Food Source To Keep Roof Rats Out Of Your Gilbert House

If you are harvesting any citrus fruit in your garden then that could be the source of attraction for roof rats. So as soon as the fruit becomes ripe, pick them before they drop from the trees. Also, make sure to clean up the fallen fruits from the ground to eliminate any possibility of attracting roof rats.

Leaving pet food out overnight or using bird feeders can attract roof rats. Instead of filling them all together, provide only the amount birds can eat a day. After the sunset, store the remaining bird food in a sealed container.

Keep Your Yard Clean To Keep Roof Rats Out Of Your Gilbert House

Roof rats need a place to hide or build their nests. And your yard is the perfect place for that. That’s why you need to make sure you rake up fallen leaves under the trees or bushes. Get rid of excess wood or brush piles if you store wood and lumbar.

Roof rats like to nest in the piles of debris or in the skirt of old palm fronds or in hollow trees. So you need to thin out the bushes and prune fruit trees so the ground under them is visible. And if you need to store wood or lumber, make sure to store them 12 inches from the sides of your house and at least 18 inches above the ground.

Keep Roof Rats Out Of Your Gilbert House By Sealing Your House

Roof rats can enter your house through any openings even if it’s as small as a nickel. You can use stucco diamond mesh to seal all the holes, vents, cracks, and crevices. It’s easy to cut and shape and is available at the building supply stores.

Most homeowners usually forget the openings in the exterior walls, near the washer and dryer, water heater, dishwasher, and under the sink. Use caulk on cracks and screen off the sewer stacks on your roof and staff steel wool in the air-conditioning lines that come from outside into the attic to prevent them from entering your house.

To Keep Roof Rats Out Of Your Gilbert House, Use Traps Strategically

Don’t set traps in areas where they can be easily found by small children or pets. Instead set bait traps with peanut butter in the laundry room, garden shed, or kitchen. They can get easily scared by unfamiliar objects. So you need to leave the traps in place for at least a week before moving them.

Use Poison With Caution To Keep Roof Rats Out Of Your Gilbert House

If you think poison is the best option then using a bait station is better. They are enclosed to keep any non-target animals protected from it. Using wire poison bait blocks on tree branches is quite dangerous. It could easily poison cats or birds accidentally. Seal your house before putting out the poison bait. This way it will not enter your house and die.

Bottom Line

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