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Bed bugs are such a nightmare to deal with that it isn’t unusual for a homeowner to say they’d rather move than deal with another outbreak. These nasty bugs live on blood and you can find them in mattress seams, sheets, and furniture, as well as hiding behind picture frames and electrical outlets. An adult bed bug resembles an apple seed in both shape and size, but your initial discovery may be the sight of their skin, which they shed as they grow. You may also see brown or black stains around where they nest. If you notice bites on the skin but aren’t sure where they came from, start looking for bed bugs, just in case.

If you suspect your home has bed bugs, call Arizona Pest Solutions. We have more than 25 years worth of experience handling every type of household pest. When you call, one of our bed bug experts comes out to inspect your home and discuss treatment options with you. Schedule your free consultation today.

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