Cockroaches enter your property in a variety of ways, including on the person of someone who lives or works there. They’re looking for food, water, and warmth and, once they find it, they begin to breed like crazy. These are nocturnal bugs; often, if you see one during the day, that indicates a serious infestation. In other words, there are so many they’re being forced out of hiding. DIY solutions don’t work on cockroach eggs and, since there are so many of them and you likely don’t see most of them, DIY rarely works to eradicate the nest, either.

If you suspect your property has cockroaches, call Arizona Pest Solutions. We have more than 25 years worth of experience handling every type of household pest. When you call, we send one of our cockroach experts to inspect your property and discuss treatment options with you. Schedule your free consultation today.

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