Arizona is home to literally dozens of scorpion species, including the Arizona bark scorpion. All scorpions sting and all are venomous, but the bark scorpion is the only species native to the U.S. whose venom is classified as potentially deadly.

In addition to its deadly venom, the bark scorpion has two other defining characteristics that separate it from other species. First, its tail curves to lie flat against its body, allowing it to fit into extremely narrow cracks. Second, it can climb and cling nearly any surface, except clean plastic and glass. This allows the bark scorpion to walk across ceilings and up walls, meaning you can find one pretty much anywhere.

Scorpion stings are especially dangerous to small children, since the venom travels through their small bodies more quickly than it does adults. Older adults and those with allergies and chronic respiratory conditions are also more susceptible to scorpion venom.

For most people, a scorpion sting feels like a sharp, burning pain, followed quickly by numbness and tingling. However, some people experience vision problems, a swollen tongue or difficulty swallowing, respiratory problems, or slurred speech. Again, infants and children are more susceptible to serious reactions, which may also include drooling, facial twitching, and body spasms. Call Poison Control at (800) 222-1222 immediately for first aid advice.

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