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Termites feed on dead trees and plants, with wood making up the bulk of their diet. Dampwood termites tend to stay close to the ground, whereas drywood termites are fine with attics since their taste buds prefer moisture-free wood. To guard against termites, eliminate excess moisture – repair leaky faucets, clean gutters and downspouts, eliminate standing water – and remove food sources, such as stacked firewood. One of the earliest signs of termites is what’s known as “mud tubes” on walls. For more information on Termite Inspections, Control or Warranties, check out our Termites control page and our Termite Warranty page.

If you suspect termites have invaded your property, call Arizona Pest Solutions. We have more than 25 years worth of experience handling every type of household pest. When you call, we send one of our termite experts to inspect your property. We then discuss treatment options to determine the best course of action. Schedule your free consultation today.

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