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Researcher Shows That Bed Bug Bites Could Be Dangerous To Humans After All

In the past, we used to see bed bugs only as nuisance pests. But now, modern science discovered that bed bugs have the ability to transmit different diseases and can be fatal to those with allergies and breathing issues. Let’s find out bed bugs cause health hazards and how bed bug extermination in Phoenix so you can protect your family from bed bugs invading your house.

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Bed Bug Extermination In Phoenix: Can Bed Bug Bite Make You Sick?

Bed bug bites cannot directly harm you. Most of the time the underlying cause of the illness was due to blood loss, infection, or allergies. Even though bed bug bites don’t directly harm you, they can still affect your health negatively.

Research shows that bed bug bites have multiple side effects and concomitant ailments. So getting rid of bed bug bites will not only help you avoid discomfort but also will protect you from potential future health issues.

Can Bed Bug Bites Spread Disease?

A 2012 study showed that 40 different disease-inducing organisms have been found in bed bugs. Although there has been no proof that they transmit these diseases to humans. But in reality, disease-inducing organisms being detected in bed bugs is enough to cause concern. So we need to keep our family safe from bed bugs.

If you’re suffering from bed bugs infestation, the overtime it can cause blood loss and anemia. Their droppings and remains can also cause allergies and asthmatic attacks. Bed bug bites can also trigger rashes, hives, itching, and burning. Their bites can also inflict infection which can lead to serious breathing trouble and anaphylaxis.

Can Bed Bugs Be Contagious?

Thankfully bed bugs are not contagious. However, if you visit a bed bug-infested place or house or office, they can hitch a ride home on your possessions and begin a new infestation in your house.

Apart from physical health effects, bed bug bites can impact your mental health as well. Constant itching and bitings every night lead to stress and insomnia. So if you think your house may have been infested by bed bugs, immediately get a bed bug inspection and treatment.

Bed Bug Extermination In Phoenix: Protect Yourself And Your House From Bed Bug Infestation

If you suspect that your house has been infested by bed bugs, you need to take immediate action to get rid of them. Even a small infestation can grow to be severe quickly in a short time.

To completely get rid of bed bugs, you need to go get professional help from a nearby bed bug extermination service provider. Apart from getting professional help, you need to do some work to prevent the infestation as well.

Declutter your house. When bed bugs will have nowhere to hide, it will be easier to eradicate them completely. Look for bed bug infestation signs in places like a storage room, upholstered furniture, and break room. After vacuuming your house, take the trash all the way to the outside trash bin to prevent it from coming back to the house again.

Bottom Line

Bed bugs can transmit diseases to humans and can cause serious harm to those with allergies and breathing troubles. So if you think you cannot deal with them alone, just call for a professional. At Arizona Termite and Pest Solutions, we protect your family, business, and pets with thorough pest inspection and offer effective pest control solutions at the best price.

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