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Rodent Problem? They Are No Match for Us!

Rodents are one of the major causes of headaches for homeowners. Tackling an infestation by yourself may seem like a good idea. But this only works if there are only one or two rats but it’s not enough to eradicate an infestation. And sometimes dealing with them on your own can be dangerous too! That’s why you need rodent control experts to tackle this for you.

Why You Should Avoid Handling Rodent Infestation by Yourself

As a rodent control expert, we the Arizona Termite And Pest Solutions know where to place baits and traps for the best result. Let’s take a look at why you need to put your trust in us for rodent control are.

Early detection of rodents

Our trained professionals can easily detect the number of rodents involved in the infestation.

Rodents can be dangerous

Rats, mice, and parasites carried by them contain a large number of diseases. Handling them by yourself can put you and your family members including pets at risk.

Preventing further infestation

To end an infestation includes trace sources of entry, removal, and preventing future entry. Our experts won’t stop after removing the rodents only. They will execute a full-proof plan of rodent control.

Rodent Control Products/Equipment

Our professionals have the right equipment and repellents. They also know the exact way to handle them.

Rodent Prevention Service

At Arizona Termite And Pest Solutions, we provide year-round rodent prevention.

The Most Common Equipment and Chemical Repellents for Rodent Control

Let’s take a look at some of the most common and potent equipment and chemical repellents eg. Rodenticides for rodent control. These are-

Rodent Repellents

Rodent repellents are one of the most effective rodent control treatments. But these are chemicals. So it requires utmost care while handling it. Also, these need to be placed in the proper place for reducing rodents. Our specialists in Arizona Termite And Pest Solutions are trained to use rodenticides properly.

Baits and Traps

We use bait stations & traps that are made with durable matters like plastic or metal to reduce any accidents. It is quite important to place these in the right location. Our rodent control experts keep all your worries away regarding these issues.

Commercial Rodent Control and Prevention

We know your business is very important to you and we know how frustrating and disastrous rodent infestation can be. So we – Arizona Termite And Pest Solutions offer our reliable and discrete commercial rodent control and prevention services.

Our strategy is to trap the adult rodents and get rid of them. We also find the entry points and advise you on the best ways to seal them. Thus we prevent rodents from returning. Our experts also locate the nest and eradicate the infestation.

We will work for rodent control in your hotels, warehouses, retail outlets, schools, government buildings, or a food processing facility. Our specialist and entomologist will provide commercial rodent control and prevention service that is best for you.

Final Thought

At Arizona Termite And Pest Solutions, we respond to any emergency rodent control issues within 24 hours. So if you live anywhere in Mesa, Tempe, Gilbert, Chandler, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Phoenix, Queen Creek, Queen Valley, San Tan Valley, AZ, call us for fast and effective rodent control services.

For more inquiry call us at 480.845.0608 or visit our website at Arizona Termite And Pest Solutions and get a free estimate today!


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