Think You Have Scorpions In Your Scottsdale Home Or Business

Scorpion infestation is a huge issue in Scottsdale, AZ. During the warmer season, the scorpions head inside and that’s when the infestation becomes unbearable. To eradicate them completely, you need to understand what attract scorpions the most and find a way to remove them and prevent scorpions from proliferating in your home, just like any other insects like how to find and how to kill termite.

Contrary to the popular belief, newer houses may have scorpion infestation. As scorpions don’t roam around in packs, it’s hard to detect a scorpion infestation in Scottsdale or scorpions in Gilbert Az. You won’t know you have more than ten scorpions on the same floor already. That’s why you need to know the basics to notice the signs of a scorpion infestation.

How To Know That There Is A Scorpion In Your Scottsdale Building?

Scorpion is a problem in Scottsdale, AZ. But not all buildings have them. To find out what attracts scorpions to a building and if your building is infested, there are a few things to know. As one of the leading pest control services in Gilbert and Scottsdale, we know this perennial issue faced by homeowners.

Keep in mind that scorpions can infest any building. Regardless of whether you own a house or a business, they can crawl into that. Contrary to popular belief, newer homes are more likely to have scorpion infestations. Because scorpions do not nest together or roam in groups. So the scope of a scorpion problem can be hard to detect.

Many people may not notice they have a scorpion infestation in Scottsdale until nighttime. Using a black light, you can easily spot their glowing exoskeletons. During the winter months, they are particularly difficult to find because they go into hibernation. This is the case for any building in Scottsdale, AZ.

You have scorpions if you have:

  • lots of cabinet space
  • crickets

Signs To Look For To Find Out Scorpion Infestation In Scottsdale

You have Spotted Multiple Small Bugs

Most scorpions go where they can have sources of food. Small insects are just one of a few signs of scorpion presence because their main food source is minor bugs or small insects like ants, cockroaches, flies, and beetles. They are likely to follow the smell of food, which unfortunately can be to your home in Scottsdale, AZ. Once they are settled in, scorpions are hard to get rid of. You can avoid infestation by keeping your eyes open for a plethora of other, more minor bugs appearing nearby. Please take note that spider webs can also be a sign of scorpion infestation because spiders and scorpions eat the same thing.

You Have Citrus or Similar Plants In Your Scottsdale House

The bark scorpions are one of the most common types of scorpions. It is often found near citrus plants. While scorpions are basically associated with desert climates, the bark scorpion prefers dark, moist environments. Citrus trees provide the perfect place for them to settle in. If you have citrus plants in your yard, you are unknowingly hosting a scorpion infestation.

You Are In A Recently Built Infrastructure

Housing in Scottsdale is increasing, with new developments popping up on the outskirts every year. But if we build homes further into the desert, we will disrupt the natural environment of scorpions. They normally stay in the same spot instead of relocating, and that spot may be the inside of your home.

You Offer Shady Guests

Expensive trees in your backyard may look aesthetically pleasing, but they can also be harboring dangerous insects like scorpions. Like many other bugs, scorpions also seek shades from the harsh Scottsdale sun during the summer months or to protect themselves from the warm climate. So they retreat to the shade. If your yard offers a lot of shade, they’re likely to stay there along with other pests. You can avoid this by trimming trees and keeping landscaping trim. Call Arizona Pest Control Solution for regular inspection of foliage for signs of an infestation.

You Have Spotted a Scorpion In Your Scottsdale Home

If there is smoke, there is fire. Scorpions aren’t insects that live in solidarity. If you locate a single scorpion, there is likely a family of them living nearby. It is vital to contact pest control professionals if you spot even one scorpion. By this, they can investigate and assess the infestation appropriately. You can get rid of one scorpion yourself, but treating an infestation is a whole different picture in Scottsdale, AZ.

Other Signs Includes:

Unsealed Cracks Or Crevices

Scorpions have access to a home or commercial building if there are open cracks or crevices. Even small cracks can provide enough space for scorpions and smaller insects to enter. Once they are inside, they likely find dark areas such as the inside of cabinets or drawers since they hate ultraviolet light. They can usually be found in these areas during the day.

Leaky Air Conditioner

A leaky air conditioner is a very common problem. A leaky air conditioner can provide water, so scorpions can survive near the area for a long period of time. Providing scorpions with outside water sources will lengthen their stay. Which will eventually invite more of them to come


Buildings with crickets have a higher chance for scorpions. Because this is one of their main food sources. To prevent the recurrence of scorpions, you need to eliminate Crickets. But only cutting off both food and water may not rid the property of scorpions. To completely eliminate scorpions from the building, a professional is much needed in Scottsdale, AZ.

Final Thought

We offer emergency pest control issues within 24 hours anywhere in Arizona at Arizona Termite And Pest Solutions. So if you live anywhere in Mesa, Tempe, Gilbert, Chandler, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Phoenix, Queen Creek, Queen Valley, San Tan Valley, AZ, call us for fast and effective pest control services. Hot and dry climates such as ours are prone to scorpion infestation such as bark scorpions. If you have a scorpion problem, as well as problems with other insects, call us so we can get rid of your problem immediately.

We offer 100% effective pest and termite solutions for your Scottsdale house and business to protect your space from thousands of dollars of worth of damage. For more inquiry call us at 480.359.9600 or visit our website at Arizona Termite And Pest Solutions and get a free estimate and schedule your pest inspection today!


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