Things You Need To Know About Scorpion Season in Arizona

Are you moving to Arizona? Perhaps you’re a visitor who wants to know what you can expect during scorpion season. Or maybe you’re just curious about what lurks in your backyard?

Scorpions in Arizona are most active during July and August. This is when temperatures are at their hottest. But as the weather cools down starting in October, they’re more likely to come indoors to escape the cold nights. As Winter sets in, scorpions tend to be less active but still seek indoor spaces at night.

We will cover some of the important things you need to know about scorpions during the Summer in Arizona. Keep on reading to learn more!

Types of Scorpion Species Present in Arizona

scorpion year in arizona

Before we start, let’s understand the different types of scorpion species present in Arizona. Here are three of the most common:

Arizona Bark Scorpion

This species is the most venomous scorpion in Arizona and is usually light tan in color. Arizona bark scorpions are present throughout the year and they like to climb walls and ceilings. They are most active during the summer months when they mate and give birth.

Giant Hair Scorpion

This is the largest species of scorpion in Arizona, growing up to six inches long. They are typically brown or tan in color and have segmented tails. Giant Hair Scorpions are not considered a serious threat to humans.  Their venom is not potent enough to cause severe reactions.

Stripe-tailed Scorpion

This species is also known as the Devil Scorpion and is typically black with yellow stripes on its tail and legs. Like the Giant Hair Scorpion and other scorpion species, their venom is not that dangerous to humans.

What Time of Year Are Scorpions Most Active?

Scorpions hibernate and conserve energy during the months with cooler temperatures or winter months and typically become active again in the spring when the temperatures rise.

The monsoon season, which occurs during the summer months, can increase scorpion activity and sightings. It’s important to be aware of scorpion activity throughout the year and take preventative measures to avoid them. If you suspect that you have a scorpion infestation in your home, it’s best to contact a professional pest control company to handle the problem.

What City in Arizona Has the Most Scorpions?

arizona scorpion cities

Whether you are in Arizona for a visit or planning to move in the near future, it’s important to know which cities have the highest scorpion populations. Paradise Valley, Scottsdale, and Gilbert are all cities in Arizona where you are likely to find scorpions.

According to the Director of Banner Poison and Drug Information Center, Dr. Daniel Brooks, a scorpion reacts just as a human would. As the temperature rises in these cities during the summer months, scorpions become more active and sightings increase.

It’s crucial to take preventative measures and invest in professional scorpion control services to ensure that your home is scorpion-free. If you live in or are planning to move to one of these cities, it’s essential to be aware of the potential scorpion activity. 

What you can do before moving into your new home is to look for pest control companies. This is to prevent scorpions or do some inspection to if there is an active scorpion infestation in your home.

You can also inspect for any holes in the walls and flooring that could indicate a scorpion nest. If you suspect an infestation, contact pest control experts immediately. You can schedule an immediate inspection with their help. They will be able to determine if there is indeed an active scorpion problem. Moreover, they provide preventative measures to keep your family safe from such.

What Attracts Scorpions in Arizona?

What Attracts Scorpions in Arizona

Scorpions are a common sight in Arizona, and their presence can be concerning for homeowners. Areas with moisture and shelter attract arachnids. This makes homes with excess humidity more vulnerable to infestations. Here are some of the factors that can attract scorpions in Arizona:

Leaky faucets

A leaky faucet can provide a source of water for scorpions, attracting them to areas around the home.

Garden water

Gardens that are frequently watered can create a moist environment that is attractive to scorpions. It’s important to avoid over-watering and to keep the soil dry to discourage scorpion activity.

Poor lawn drainage

Poor lawn drainage can create standing water, which provides an ideal environment for scorpions to thrive. It’s important to ensure proper lawn drainage to prevent scorpion infestations.

Dirty areas

Piles of debris, such as woodpiles, boxes, and other items. attracts scorpions. Removing clutter around the home can help reduce the risk of scorpion activity.

Cracks and crevices

Scorpions are good at finding small cracks and crevices to hide in. Seal any openings around the home, including cracks in the walls and foundation, to prevent scorpions from entering.

Outdoor lighting

Scorpions like light, so it’s important to keep outdoor lighting to a minimum. Use low-intensity bulbs or amber-colored lights to reduce scorpion activity.

Should I Worry About Scorpions in Arizona?

Scorpion Species in Arizona

Given that most of Arizona is home to scorpions, it’s natural to wonder if you should worry about encountering them. While scorpions are not typically a serious threat to people, it’s important to take precautions to avoid envenomation.

In most cases, scorpion stings will result in localized pain and swelling, similar to a bee sting. However, people who have an allergy to insect stings may be at a greater risk for a severe reaction.

One scorpion, which is a notable exception to this is the Arizona bark scorpion, which is highly venomous and can pose a health risk to humans.

If you are stung by an Arizona bark scorpion, it’s important to seek medical attention immediately. The venom can cause numbness, tingling, muscle twitching, and difficulty breathing.

While encountering scorpions in Arizona is common, there are steps you can take to minimize the risk of stings. These include wearing protective clothing, using insect repellent, and avoiding areas where scorpions are likely to hide.

The Bottom Line

July and August are when Arizona experiences the highest number of scorpion stings. If you plan on visiting Arizona during this time, take precautions to minimize your risk of being stung.

Whether you are in Gilbert, Mesa, or any other nearby city, make sure to have your home inspected regularly, particularly for scorpion pest control. This is especially important when you suspect that scorpions are around.

For professional help, feel free to call us at Arizona Termite and Pest Solutions. Let our exterminators take care of your pest problem safely and effectively. Get started now before seasons for scorpions begin!


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