Subterranean Desert Termites Control

Desert subterranean termites are a staple of desert termite control in Southern Arizona and the Phoenix valley area. Desert subterranean termites are almost entirely found in the deserts of Arizona. They are also found in other areas, such as the Colorado and Gila deserts and the deserts of Southern California and West Texas.

Their size is typically 3/8th of an inch long. This type of desert termite is pale with a darker brown head. The shape of swarmers and worker termites have two prominent wings with hardened veins. Soldier termites have rectangular heads. Soldier termites are also twice the size of worker termites with a gland on their foreheads.

Among other termite species, desert termites are less dependent on moist soil, plant growth, and decay. Desert termites will readily attack dry wooden structures, dead grasses, and cactus skeletons. Desert subterranean termites appear in swarms at night during the rainy season, beginning in July and lasting until September. Rainfall presents an opportunity for breeding pairs of termites to use the moist soil to burrow and start their living areas or start a new colony. Desert termite colonies contain up to 300,000 termites, consisting of swarmers, workers, soldiers, and other termites capable of reproduction. Though smaller colonies deep within nearby areas separated from the main colony have lesser reproductive-capable termites, it is crucial to locate these to prevent future infestation.

A good way to detect desert termites is by checking your house’s rafters, sheetrock, or plasterboards for “drop tubes.” These are structures that are as wide as the width of a pencil and are used as passageways or ventilation shafts for termites. Your sheetrock or plasterboards may also have their feces plugs indicating their presence. Desert subterranean termite infestation is already severe once knocking on wood produces a hollow sound once you detect drop tubes or other indications.

The environmental conditions present in the deserts of Southern California, Arizona to Western Texas are perfect for subterranean desert termites. They prefer a more arid environment compared to most other termite species. In Arizona, subterranean desert termites are one of the most common species. These resourceful termites can enter your home through the smallest gap, even gaps too small for other termite species. Gaps and holes in masonry joints in walls, concrete, and roofs, and gaps in wood structures, present opportunities for these termites to enter your home.

Desert subterranean termites feast on dead cacti, cactus skeletons, dry grass, greasewood shrubs, and creosote. They also feast on untreated telephone poles, abandoned buildings, and fence posts. Desert termites prefer eating springwood and the lignin in summerwood of timber. They also prefer to forage for food in areas where irrigation keeps the soil moist, as well as in shaded soil.

Especially along the desert floor, these termites can break out and form new colonies quickly. Established infestations cover almost an area of area, especially in areas with sufficient amounts of food sources. Managing your termite control yourself can be very challenging because of the extent of their infestation. Though normal lawn care and sealing your property can help prevent swarms from entering your home, calling a professional to help determine the estimated extent of the infestation is crucial in exterminating subterranean desert termites in your property.

Why Arizona Termite and Pest Solutions are Your Best Options In Exterminating Desert Subterranean Termites

Desert termites are among the most familiar species in the Phoenix Valley area. We know how to manage these invasive and destructive termite species in Arizona. With decades of experience dealing with this species of termites, we know the exact procedures of how to get rid of these species from your property and formulate solutions to ensure that they will return on time. Aside from desert subterranean termite populations, we can also deal with drywood termites, dampwood termites, and other species of termites in Arizona. If you have a severe case of termite infestation and other insects and pests, call us now at (480) 359-9600.

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