What’s Eating Your Cereal?

Are you worried that you are not the only one enjoying cereals every morning? Anxious that pests might eat away your Christmas cookies?

‘Stored product pests’ or pantry pests are a common problem for residents of Queen Creek, AZ. You will always find them indulging in your household staples right under your very nose.

Most common pantry pests in Queen Creek, AZ area include moths, ants, beetles, earwigs, weevils, pillbugs, etc. These thrive on dried & processed food products that people keep in cabinets year-round. They breed & reside in food products they feed on. Thus infestation can go out of hand very quickly. So contact your trusted Arizona Termite And Pest Solutions in Queen Creek, AZ for proper pest control.

Let’s take a look at how we can get rid of pantry pests.

Pest Control in Queen Creek, AZ: How to Get Rid of Pantry Pests

Let’s give you some hope – these pantry pests are highly preventable. Following some steps regarding storage and good sanitation can prevent pest infestation. If this happens, don’t be afraid – Arizona Termite And Pest Solutions are here to your rescue.

If you find an infestation of pantry bugs, it’s important to choose the right pest control methods.

#1. Inspect Food Packages In Your Pantry & Cupboards

  • Pay extra attention to packages of flour & other grains for pantry bugs.
  • Pest may not appear right away, so move the contents of the package or empty them on a baking sheet to check.
  • Don’t assume that if a package is well-sealed, it’s bug-free.

#2. Throw Away Infested Food and Open Packages

It’s best to throw away foodstuffs that are infested by pantry pests. Or if you really want to preserve, freeze the food for 3-4 days.

#3. Vacuum The Shelves After Removing Everything

Suck up anything (remaining bugs or cocoons as well as spilled crumbs or grains) with a vacuum cleaner. Get into every corner, shelves, and crevice of your pantry for pest control.

#4. Wash Shelves With Clean Cloths Or Sponge And Warm Soapy Water

Do this to clean up the remaining and wash food storage containers before putting them in the pantry.

#5. Wipe All The Shelves With a 50-50 Water & White Vinegar Solution

Vinegar acts as a repellent and prevents pantry bugs from coming back. It also kills any remaining bugs.

Try to avoid pesticides, bleach, or ammonia for getting rid of pantry pests as a pest control solution as they are dangerous.

#6. Remove Trash As Soon As Possible

Tie up the bag of trash where you threw leftovers and take it out of the house quickly. If you keep it in the kitchen there is a high chance of re-infestation.

Make sure to always wash the trash can with soap and water and take out trash frequently.

Pest Control in Queen Creek, AZ: How to Prevent Pantry Pests Infestation

Before buying new baking ingredients make sure that your pantry is pests-free and not coming back. Let’s take a look at some simple tips you can follow to prevent pantry bugs from coming back to your home.

  • Purchase Tupperware with secure lids.
  • Store some seasonal decor in airtight containers to avoid pest infestation.
  • Use of bay leaf canisters and packages of dry foods.
  • Inspect groceries to make sure the products are pest-free while in storage.
  • Check the expiration dates before using any ingredients.
  • Maintain good sanitation.
  • Seal all cracks to avoid pests coming to your house through these cracks.

When you find pantry bugs in the kitchen, throw the infested food in the trash bin. And clean the shelves in the cupboard with the methods mentioned above. If the infestation already took a deeper root please book your appointment with us – Arizona Termite And Pest Solutions in Queen Creek, AZ.

Final Thought

At Arizona Termite And Pest Solutions, we respond to any emergency pest control issues within 24 hours. So if you live anywhere in Mesa, Tempe, Gilbert, Chandler, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Phoenix, Queen Creek, Queen Valley, San Tan Valley, AZ, call us for fast and effective pest control services.

For more inquiry call us at 480.845.0608 or visit our website at Arizona Termite And Pest Solutions and get a free estimate today!

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